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About The Library Designs

The Library Designs is the crazy brainchild of part time Designer-Maker Georgina Carr.
Featuring literary themed stationery, gifts, and organisational planner stickers, the shop is full of designs illustrated by Georgina, who after many years believing she couldn’t draw, suddenly realised she actually could.
All of the designs are carefully doodled in the peace and sanctity of Georgina’s pastel themed home studio in rural Lincolnshire,
that’s the bit of England above Norfolk and cuddled by Yorkshire.

About The Librarian

Georgina is for most of her time a real life librarian, with real life books.
She has amassed quite the collection of books of her own too,
but is admittedly a bit stingy about loaning those ones out.
She lives with her cat Bertie, who is chief chair stealer when in the studio,
and her partner James, who is a bit of a car nut, in a brightly coloured house
where the tea is always brewing and there is always a sweet treat in the kitchen.


How did you decide upon the title of your blog?

I am a real life librarian 🙂 My day job surrounds me with lovely books managing the stock for my local public library service.

What camera do you use?

I have used a range of cameras in the past, a Panasonic compact, a Canon 450D DSLR, but currently I am using my Olympus Pen Lite EPL5 compact system camera and my iPhone

Do you accept samples for review?

I do accept samples, but only if I am genuinely interested in a product and I think it is something my readers may be interested in and I am interested in. Samples are always disclosed.

Where do you live?

I live in Lincolnshire, a pretty massive county, and one I am falling more and more in love with the longer I stay. I grew up here, but moved away to London for university vowing never to return. I am mighty glad I did though.


DISCLAIMER: The Blog is PR friendly and any items sent for consideration will always be identified, but I do promise to act here as I do in the real world and only give you my true opinion on any items mentioned. Links may be affiliate links and cookies may be used, but I do always try to find you the best deal when I do link!

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